19 November 2007

small package, only in autumn. 大地賜予的包裝盒,秋季限定

i picked up fruits of tung tree as my jewelry packages, only in autumn.
i got 7 completed fruits this year, kind of lucky.
i think i chose the right timing to get them.
they said after 1 week i went there, almost all the fruits are decomposed to the ground,
or squirrels took them as the food for their winter.


14 November 2007

a star. 一粒星星

a star. made for one girl who is addicted to the starry night. a pendent.
一粒星星, 一個喜歡看星星的女生,在今年生日會收到的禮物。 墜子。


01 November 2007

puzzle series-1, as she

puzzle series-1, as she. as a earring.
拼圖系列-1, 如她 非他。如一只耳環。